Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Thomas H. Stafford Jr Commons

Thomas H. Stafford Jr. Commons, more casually known as Stafford Commons, is the green space located on the North side of Talley Student Union. This space serves as an active area for campus life and is available for all sizes of events. Events in this space can be enhanced by use of the Talley Student Union Media Mesh and support from our event staff. This space also offers tabling opportunities for groups looking to share information with the student population. Stafford commons can now be divided into three separate sections to maximize use of space and support event needs. For Stafford Commons reservation rates please click here.

Harris Field

Harris Field is located on the Western side of Witherspoon Student Center at the intersection of Dan Allen Dr and Cares Ave. Harris Field is currently being utilized as a pop up social distancing space “The Den at Harris Field” for more information please click here!

University Plaza (The Brickyard)

Officially named “University Plaza,” it is a hallowed place where the NC State community has criss-crossed, congregated and celebrated for decades. At most, the 45,240 square feet of the Brickyard can hold about half of the university’s current student population at any one time but it is a daily home to all of them.

Wolf Plaza

Wolf Plaza, located near several residence halls and the Talley Student Union, features a trio of bronze wolf sculptures by artist Michael Stutz. Near Wolf Plaza is the Free Expression Tunnel, one of NC State’s iconic landmarks.

Court of North Carolina

The Court of North Carolina is the largest green space on main campus. You’ll see students reclining on the Court of North Carolina on sunny days between classes eating lunch or studying for their next exam. On snow days, it’s home to an epic campus-wide snowball fight. Professors utilize this space during nice weather as an outdoor classroom for that day’s lecture. The Court of North Carolina is lined with some of the oldest buildings on campus.

Memorial Belltower at Henry Square

Originally built to pay tribute to those who fell in past conflict, the Belltower has become a symbol of inspiration to the Wolfpack community. For more information please visit this site!

Other Outdoor Spaces

  • Bostian Lawn
  • Governors Scott Courtyard
  • Schaub Plaza
  • Mary E. Yarbrough Courtyard
  • Gardner Arboretum