Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

“This is your safe haven, your connection point, your Home.“ –Randy Woodson, NC State Chancellor 

Our Mission

The NC State Student Centers provide a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for the NC State community with a professional and collaborative staff. In support of the university’s educational mission, the Student Centers will provide high-quality support to events and activities that will enrich the student experience, provide added value to the University, and increase efficiency in university operations. Through formal and informal experiences, the NC State Students Centers serve as a cornerstone for student growth, learning, and involvement, including an environment prioritizing students leading operations.

Our Vision

NC State Student Centers seeks to be known and sought after as a prominent partner that advances the University mission, by raising the standards of the campus experience for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and guests with a reputation for the highest quality of service and facilities.

Our Values

Developed in collaboration with our campus community; our values can be seen in our commitment to


“provide high-quality service through knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness”

Experience is education here at NC State. We Identify those who can contribute valuable knowledge, insight, history and resources. For a union this means talking with students, organizations, staff, faculty, alumni, campus partners, tenants, and community members.

Think and Do is what our team is all about. Academic partnerships and targeted training allows our staff and students to learn the skills of their field and apply it directly to real world situations. Tim Hogan, Director, heads up the Student Centers with a talented team of professionals and students to enhance campus life, build community and provide a quality experience in the facilities.

Staff Directory

Tim Hogan
NC State Student Centers


“solve problems before they occur, take the lead, exceed expectations”

The Talley Student Union at dusk. Photo by Marc Hall

Be intentional

A place needs to be safe and welcoming in order for students to engage. A great design alone does not create an effective Union. We must take initiative to solve problems before they occur.

  • Creating Flexible Space. 17hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • Setting the Standard. Well maintained facilities that are the pride of the institution.
  • Foundation for the Campus Experience. Contributions to admissions retention and alumni engagement


“respect those around you, the facilities, and yourself”

A place needs to be safe and welcoming in order for students to engage. Great design alone does not create an effective Union. We must take the initiative to solve problems before they occur.

We want to create a place for the community where individuals show respect for each other the facilities and the environment.

By providing space and support for each group and by providing the groups the opportunity to work together, we are able to assist with the understanding of the cultures and their values and problems. It is through understanding that mutual respect develops and genuine positive growth is possible.”


“regard students as central to the operations, governance, and function of the student centers”

NC State Student Centers puts students at the core of its operations and provides a living laboratory to gain transferable skills to any internship, co-op, team or career. Have what it takes to continue the legacy of leadership and management of the Student Centers and events.

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“provide space, partnerships, and opportunities to build community and strengthen the Wolfpack family”

Students meet and collaborate outside Witherspoon Student Center.

NC State Student Centers is a common place for the campus to come together and learn from each other. We value the individual and provide high-quality support to events and activities that will enrich the student experience.

Forging partnerships is a vital part of improving space. Place-making calls for the vision to come from the community. We have a strong campus community that ensures students are engaged, involved and thriving.

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“promote the responsible use and management of human, fiscal, and environmental resources”

Enhancing community starts with responsible management of resources. Fiscal, human and environmental resources, we are committed to providing added value to the University and increase the efficiency in University operations with these resources.

When taken together, the services we provide, the people running the operations, the facilities we maintain and the programs occurring within them, provide a strong foundation encouraging community building and supporting student success.